8 pages. Students enjoy tracing & writing shape words as well as cutting and gluing the basic shapes to their matching pages.
24 pages. Common Core State Standard: RF.K.1b Children trace, write, cut and glue their color words. What a fun way to learn how to write, spell and read the basic colors!
11 pages. Common Core State Standard: RF.K.1b Students TRACE, WRITE, COLOR, & GLUE their way through all the colors.
6 pages. Children trace and read the sentences as they learn a bit about apples.
13 pages. Children practice a variety of skills in various subjects in these fun to read booklets.
22 pages. Common Core State Standard RF:K1d and L.1.1a Combine fine motor skill cutting with upper and lowercase matching and you've got a winner skill sheet!

7 pages. Your students will really enjoy this interactive story that reinforces the basic shapes.

25 pages. Common Core State Standards: K.CC.4a, K.CC.4b,K.CC.4c, K.CC.3, K.CC.5, K.CC.7, RF.K.1a, RF.K.1c, RF.K.3c. Practice a variety of skills and standards with this cute 10 frame booklet.
27 pages Use these cards to build vocabulary and help with Common Core State Standards: L.1.4a and L.1.5c Word cards with matching pictures that will help your students read our themed easy readers.
4 pages. Name writing practice made fun! You can read, save, or print this.
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