Ten Little Dinosaurs

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Thank you to Andrew McMeel Publishing for allowing me to share this great book with you online. It's one of my all-time favorites and a must-have if you're studying dinosaurs!

Counting Dinosaurs In The Magic Pot!

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Sorry, but we no longer carry the magic tricks.

Dinosaur Magic Tricks: Dinosaur Puppet and Magic Coloring Book

Chick and Dove-Duck Pan Magic Trick: Producing a chick, bat & Inky the adorable spider puppet.

A Change Bag Magic Trick With Inky: Teaching the Small - Medium & Large concept.

Change Bag Magic Tricks: Producing the life cycle of a butterfly!

More Change Bag Magic Tricks: Identifying SHAPES & making a Jack-O-Lantern, + a treat! 

Magical Colors: More Tricks With A Change Bag: Producing Secondary Colors & Apple Science! 

Money Magic Using A Change Bag: Helping students learn about coins

More Money Magic: "Nickles To Dimes" & "Disappearing Coins" Magic Tricks


Force Bag Magic: A different kind of "change bag": A color magic trick with candy. 

Crayon Magic: Let's count and identify the colors of the crayons and then make them disappear!