18 pages.

Soar into spring with this fun synonym kite craftivity.  Students choose a word from the list of 70, or pick a kite word card.  They write their word on a bow and then list up to 11 synonyms.  If you want, have students make a list of antonyms on the antonym kite and glue it to the back of their synonym kite.  This packet provides several activities perfect for your Daily 5 word work.

5 pages.

Here is a list of common antonyms that your students will probably come across.  It's a wonderful way to build vocabulary.  Give students a word and have them give you an antonym of that word.  You can do 1 a day and have children write it in their vocabulary notebook, or use my Student-made Antonym Dictionary.

7 pages. Common Core State Standard:RF.K.3c Have students make a cover and glue it to a notebook. Every day assign a numbered activity for them to do, with words from your word wall. Includes a list of 51 activities that can easily be repeated with dif
156 pages! This packet will really help improve your students vocabulary!