5 pages. A free article that helps answer this daunting question. You can read, save, or print this.
2 pages. Here's our Come Teach With Me poem.

1 page. I make this game for my students at the beginning of the 1st week of school to reinforce name recognition. Later, you can program word wall words and put them in separate Snack Baggies, or simply write complete sets of the alphabet and have students arrange them, to make up words, or practice their spelling words in a fun way.

22 pages. Vocabulary building is super important to me. We work on it daily in my Y5 classroom. I've included the vocabulary lists I use as well as a blank set for you to make up your own list + my letter home to parents.
4 pages. Enjoy using this free stuff to help with reading! You can read, save, or print this.

19 pages. Your students will LOVE learning the months of the year with the Little Old Lady.

16 pages. A hilarious story with a twist on the old tale. What a fun way to review numbers!

26 pages. A wonderful way to help little ones realize that different animals have different homes. Can you guess whooooooo lives here?
14 pages. These adorable bookmarks come in black and white ready for your students to color. There are 3 on a page so you don't have to run off that many to get a class set.
46 pages. Here's a great way for your students to learn the months.
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