15 pages.

Help practice a variety of standards with this hands-on pirate "craftivity". 

23 pages.

Review 2D and 3D shapes, plus pattern block shapes with this fun Polly Wants A Shape Cracker packet. 

30 pages.

Print off Polly; laminate and trim.  Cut out an opening in her mouth; attach Polly to a container and have students "feed" her number "cracker" cards.

18 pages.

Here's an alphabetical list of 794 pirate-related words and phrases, perfect for "Talk Like A Pirate" Day, or your other pirate-themed activities. 

51 pages.

Make Polly the parrot and have your students "feed" her upper and lowercase letter "cracker" cards.  Packet includes an ABC booklet, upper and lowercase letter worksheets, assessments, a tip list of alphabet card ideas, plus an alphabetical list of over 700 pirate-related words and phases, as well as a certificate of praise.

23 pages.

Spice things up each month with a variety of seasonal Letter of the Day anchor charts.  Laminate and use every year, or print and compile a Letter of the Week class book.  Great for calendar time.

46 pages.

Cover lots of Common Core State Standards with this Numb Skull math packet.  Wonderful for your fall Halloween activities, or when you're studying about bones, or include with your pirate theme.

24 pages.

Using candy to introduce and practice math concepts makes things more interesting and fun for students.  These Candy Bones activites cover quite a few standards, and are perfect for a science bone theme, pirate theme, or for Halloween.

16 pages.

Why not have your students help create the decorations for your classroom with this cute pirate-themed "welcome" banner.  On the 1st day, when things are hectic, it's nice to have an independent activity that students can do.

9 pages.

If you are doing a pirate theme, you'll enjoy this 10 frame pirate packet.

Be sure and check out our other 10 frame activities; we have lots!

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