16 pages. RAH-RAH stands for Read At Home. This is a reading incentive program that I designed to get my parents to read to their child. You can read, save, or print this.
36 pages. Here's a sampling of some of the pages. This is sure to be one of your students' favorite read-aloud's.
13 pages of barnyard fun! Enjoy and Mooo-ve over to make room for this adorable booklet in your collection!
6 pages. This alliterative story is a fun addition to your calendar time. Count up to your 100th Day with Sammy.
6 pages. This easy reader reinforces spatial directions and is a fun way to review/teach 3D shapes. Students trace the words and shapes as well as cut out butterflies and place them in the appropriate positions on the pages.
7 pages. Students will enjoy making groups/sets of frogs and matching them up with the correct number by cutting and pasting them on the pages of this adorable booklet.
9 pages. A wonderful writing extension as well as a reader's theater selection that will have your students learning about the history of Abraham Lincoln's time.

6 pages. Common Core State Standards: L.K.2a, L.K.2b, RF.K.3c, L.1.2b, RF.1.1a, K.G.2 What shape is inside the center of the dollar?

10 pages. A fun way to help students reinforce counting, sequencing numbers, and number word recognition, as they cut and glue the appropriate playing card to their valentine booklet.
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