7 pages. A delightful way to work on cutting, spatial and listening and following direction skills. Now where IS that gingerbread man?
9 pages. Mmmm-Mmmm delicious way to increase subtraction skills!
8 pages. A delicious way to reinforce subtraction skills.
9 pages Make room for the big bus its got to go on the page! Where should I put it? Let's listen to the directions and find out.

6 pages. p your students understand the difficult words of The Pledge with these kid-friendly synonyms.

9 pages. Review this science unit with this adorable cut and paste reading activity.
83 pages. January through May. Review spatial directions, colors, and numbers with these wonderful manipulatives you can make for your flannel or white board.
67 pages. September through December monthly word manipulatives. Review spatial directions, numbers, and colors with these themed pieces.
37 pages. Includes booklet + manipulatives that you can make to feed your classroom cookie jar!

18 pages. Common Core State Standard RI.K1d What could be better than to swallow a letter? How about helping the teacher stuff them into the little old lady's mouth!

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