7 pages.

Reinforce coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar & dollar) with this quick, easy and fun coinapillar craft.  Teachers can make a sample of each one to use as a springtime money bulletin board and/or make extra sets to use as an independent puzzle center, or to use to play Memory Match or "I Have; Who Has?" games.

5 pages.

Here is a quick, easy and fun game to help reinforce coins (penny, nickel, dime & quarter). Students pick a partner and take turns rolling the dice four times.  Their 1st roll equals how many penny ornaments they will glue to their tree, the 2nd roll is for nickels and so on.

10 pages.

Here are a variety of coin related worksheets for your students to do to help them learn to identify pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and half dollars. Some also review coin values and coin words. These are great for Daily 5 word work activities, homework, a sub folder, or something for early finishers to work on.

22 pages.

Review a variety of math standards, with this 10-frames packet.  If you enjoy using 10 frames, be sure and check out the rest of our themes.  We have LOTS! I've included extra tiles to use as manipulatives for sorting, making groups/sets & patterning.

2 pages.

Help reinforce coin identification with this quick, easy and fun dice game. Students choose a partner and take turns rolling the dice. If they roll a one they color the penny; if they roll a two they color the second coin (the nickel) and so on.  However, if they roll a six they lose their turn.  The first one to color all of the coins on their bookmark is the winner.  This is also a nice opportunity to review ordinal numbers as well.

16 pages.

A file folder flip for facts activity, is a nice introduction to doing research, finding facts and putting them in your own words. It's a great precursor to doing a report and is simple enough for kinders to do.

10 pages.

Help your students learn to identify the fronts and backs of coins by making this mobile.  Also includes coin templates for the half dollar and dollar.  You can include the paper dollar at the top with a student's photo over George Washington's, or leave it at just a penny, nickel, dime and quarter coin dangler. 

11 pages

These 30 coin cards are a fun way to review coin facts as well as grammar.  Students circle letters that should be capitalized and add end punctuation.  You can do this with a pocket chart and call on students, or pass one card out to each child, to correct with a dry erase marker.  After eveyone has shared their card, have students choose 3-6 cards and rewrite the sentences correctly.  This is a great Daily 5 word work activity.

10 pages.

Students practice counting by 1's, counting backwards from 10 to 1 and skip counting by 10's to 100, with these 10-piece puzzles, that will help them learn to identify various US coins.

8 pages.

If you're studying money right now, why not have students learn a bit about Chinese currency, so they can compare and contrast it with ours.  Packet includes 2 Venn diagrams, plus a link to a site where students can type in US dollars and have it converted to Chinese yuan. 

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