About Us

TeachWithMe.com was launched in August 2010. TeachWithMe_logo

MMJ Technology LLC were our wonderful website designers. They are now Engine.

TWM is owned and operated by Diane Henderson who lives and teaches in Michigan.  

The CFO is her husband Daniel. It is a site for parents and teachers who are looking for creative ideas for their children and students.

TeachWithMe’s content was specifically created for the site by Diane and then successfully implemented and taught for 10 years in her own Young Five classroom. Everything is copyrighted. ALL of the lessons and art projects have been “kid-tested” so “tips” and “heads-up’s” have been included in wonderful easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions.

Another + is that ALL of the lessons, and art projects “nail” multiple - specific report card standards in a short amount of time, with materials that most teachers already have on hand or that are relatively inexpensive to do with a group of children, at the same time being easy and FUN which is the hallmark of TeachWithMe.com 

When Common Core State Standards were implemented, Diane started designing curriculum specifically covering those standards to help meet the needs of teachers who did not have time to supplement their lessons, but needed to.

She discovered quickly that the fastest and most effective way to get the standards into a young child’s head was by doing things “hand’s on”. She also needed things to be easy, so that her students could do them independently because she was alone in a room of 19 four-year-old’s with an attention span of 3 to 5 minutes. Thus they needed to be fun and inexpensive.

Basic directions and skills repeat through out her themes so that children get used to doing them, thus eliminating the need to constantly explain things, freeing up the teacher to do other things and empowering students to work independently building their self-esteem at the same time.

All of the vocabulary used in the little booklets, is also designed in a repetitive way, so that even a Y5 is learning to recognize the site words as they practice tracing, writing and reading the themed booklets each month.

Again, after the 1st few times of doing a booklet, there is no need to explain the directions! The teacher simply passes out the booklets, and children “get down to business!” Teachers are freed up to help an ESL student or slower learner one-on-one! When every one is finished you can actually READ the little booklet together as a whole group to reinforce concepts of print and practice the site words so that children can take them home and share them with their families!

Young children LOVE doing art projects, but teachers complain that there is no time for art anymore because they have to nail the standards. That’s one of the reasons why Diane designed art projects that reinforce the standards that were on her report card. They cut, glued, followed spatial directions, listened and followed 3-step directions, made things out of shapes, counted things, identified the colors, shapes, patterns, and the various sizes, compared and contrasted, incorporated science, poetry and math facts etc. This helped them learn by doing. The projects also decorate her room and hallway, which is a tremendous self-esteem builder for children.

It is our hope that you enjoy our site and come away excited with lots of helpful ideas.

If you'd like to contact us you can e-mail diane at: diane@teachwithme.com She LOVES feedback, and designs a lot of items per request.