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Name writing practice made fun! You can read, save, or print this.

Learning to write your name can be pretty difficult for little ones, also quite boring because I make my Y5's practice it all of the time.

To make this exercise more fun, I designed "I love you-happy grams". My students always ask for more as they enjoy the silliness of leaving them in all sorts of crazy places and then telling me about the results and funny places they left them.

To get them excited I told them how I like to leave little "I love you" notes to my husband in nutty places, like taped to the toilet paper roll, and how it makes him laugh when he finds them. I ask them if they'd like to do that for their parents.  Of course they giggle and say "Yes!"

Run of a sheet of "I love you" grams. Have students cut them out and write their name on the back. Tell them to leave them in fun places like in a kitchen drawer, glove box, on their parents pillow etc. Then report back to you during sharing time about where they left it and what their parents said.

I few months ago I had a mom pop into my room just to say Hi. She let me know that Tyler was doing well and then said something that really touched my heart. "Mrs. Henderson, I think the best thing you taught my son was love. He still leaves me little notes on my pillow."

Wow! That has got to be one of my most favorite teacher compliments! And all because of these little pieces of paper! So give it a whirl and touch a heart...forever...


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