Making Class Books

27 pages. Students learn about the parts of an apple by cutting and gluing the pictures to the matching numbered boxes.
15 pages. A great way to reinforce the idea of students liking school!
22 pages. Students will enjoy reading this booklet and sharing how they come to school.
18 pages. A cute way to learn or review the days of the week.
28 pages. Students draw and write about what they see outside their window during the 4 seasons.
27 pages. A great booklet to excite your male students, and a nice lead-in to the -all family of words.
10 pages 3 class books you can make with your students at the end of the year with these fun writing prompts.

124 pages. Wow! This is a wonderfully fun way to teach geography.  Includes lots of geography related activities, passport, crafts, links, notes home for parental help, maps, writing extensions, class books and so much more. Up-dated with pages for older students.

This packet is in the process of being revamped.  Please check back November 22nd.

80 pages. A wonderful variety of skills and fun activities to help your students learn the days of the week, the months of the year and other calendar concepts. Includes lots of easy readers and class books.

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