Making Class Books

36 pages Fun activities for Constitution Day that make learning about this treasured document easy to understand and a breeze to implement!

19 pages. Help students learn flat and 3-dimensional shapes by making these 3 class books.
6 pages. Help your students learn the 4 seasons, while improving their math and writing skills, by making a class book and graphing the results!
9 pages. Create a special class book staring all of your brilliant students! A fun way to write and do/feature "Star Student" at the same time. Compile all of the pages and you have a wonderful class book!
16 pages. Make a class Yellow Pages as a great social studies extension when studying "Goods & Services" with your students. A terrific way to help students learn their phone numbers too!
22 pages. Make these 4-class books about friends. A wonderful way for your students to learn about their new classmates.
18 pages Create these 2 class books with your students as a fun way to learn about them and their families. A fun way to help teach students their address. Includes graphing extensions.
13 pages. Create these 2 class books with your students. Includes graphing extensions.
19 pages. Common Core State Standard: RF:K1d Several activities that are a perfect companion for the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom + 3 pages of tips. Covers a variety of skills and standards.
20 pages. Students will enjoy making this booklet and sharing it with their family.
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