Making Class Books

34 pages. Common Core State Math Standard: 1.MD.3 A fun way to reinforce telling time to the hour.

10 pages. Whether you send this home for students to work on with their families, or do a page or 2 each day during the last week of school, this booklet will make a wonderful keepsake of the year your students were in your grade.

9 pages. These are activities to go with the Dr. Seuss book, My Many Colored Days. Students can each do a page, work in groups, or have students work on their booklet one page a day, tracing, writing and illustrating their page.

7 pages. Two fun writing prompts that turn into class books. Students trace and complete the sentence and then illustrate their page. Includes a graphing extension.
15 pages. 2 Class books made from March writing prompts. These make a great addition to your writing center or Daily 5 activities. Students write if they think March will go out like a lion or lamb. Includes a graphing extension and craftivity. The othe
33 pages. A variety of wind activities to do with your students to incorporate science into your day.
16 pages 5 Class books to make during March: Dr. Seuss On The Loose, The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow, If I Caught A Leprechaun, Storms and Lion Or Lamb. Includes 2 graphing extensions. Making a class book is a fun way to get students writing!
16 pages. Writing prompts that are sure to interest your students on Leap Day. Turn them into 4 different class books. Includes fun graphing extensions as well.
6 pages. 2 writing "craftivities" perfect for President's Day or your money lessons. Look closely at the penny. Students write in the city they were born + the year. They also think of a quote or something they'd like to put on the top of their
4 pages. Great mini-research/computer lesson for students. Children find at least 3 facts about a US president and write them on their page. Students glue their school pix along with a picture of their President and share with their classmates. Teacher
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