Making Class Books

6 pages. Fun writing extension for President's Week. Students glue their school photo in the box, write what they'd do and then illustrate their page. Teachers collate the pages and make a class book.
5 pages. Each student decides whether they like Washington or Lincoln the best and why. They glue their school photo inside the box, write and illustrate their page. Teachers collate the pages to make a class book to read and share with the class.

43 pages. Some unique activities to help celebrate 100 Day in a big way!

18 pages. Cover science and language arts as students involve their senses to describe a themed object each month.
21 pages Students will enjoy creating this mitten booklet as they read, trace and write the color words.
7 pages. A fun writing extension after the reading of The Gingerbread Man story. Students complete the writing prompt and draw a picture to illustrate their page. Also includes two graphing extensions.
5 pages. This is a great activity to follow up the reading of Jan Brett's The Mitten. Students decide what is hiding inside their mitten and complete the writing prompt by finishing the sentence.
19 pages 3 class books to make during the month of December. Includes 5 graphing extensions so you can incorporate math skills.
29 pages. A great way to include science, reading,writing and even math with these fun activities and booklets that your students will enjoy making!

40 pages. A nice variety of great activities for a monster theme day or as extensions after reading Go Away Big Green Monster or Sad Monster Glad Monster.

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