33 pages of giggles. Biblical wit as seen through a child's eyes.
51 pages. Here's a few sample pages from the book that will make your Story Time come alive!
88 pages your students will have fun waddling through as they slip slide away through some fun winter skill sheets and activities.
9 pages. Frolic along with the penguins as you solve the math mystery and work on subtraction skills at the same time.
9 pages. Slip slide along and reinforce listening and following direction skills as you spatially place your penguins on the page.
8 pages. This penguin is puzzled! Should his egg be a circle, triangle, rectangle, square, heart or oval? Can you help solve the mystery?
11 pages. Waddle through numbers 1-10 with this old favorite.
9 pages. Students will enjoy solving this mitten mystery while they work on colors, spatial directions, cutting and gluing, and listening and following directions.
40 pages. Wonderful skill sheets + 2 easy art projects for a fun day celebrating a great man!
127 pages of activities your students will have "snow" much fun doing!
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