6 pages. It's "snow" much fun to improve listening and following direction skills as well as learning spatial directions in this cut and paste activity that's sure to increase fine motor skills.
8 pages. Here's ho-ho-hoping your students will grasp spatial directions with this fun booklet.
7 pages. How sweet it is when your students listen and follow spatial directions. Here's a booklet that will help make doing that fun!
7 pages. Can you solve the math mystery and improve your subtraction skills at the same time? I bet the snowmen can help!
10 pages. 7 page booklet, + 1 page of writing and discussion extensions, + 1 page of color snowflake manipulatives for subtraction activities and a skill sheet.
7 pages. A "tree-mendous" way to practice subtraction skills as students have fun solving the math mystery.
8 pages. The tree has lost its trim! Can you solve the math mystery and do the subtraction equations?
7 pages. A brrr-illiant way to work on subtraction skills while having fun solving this chilly math mystery.
7 pages. Children practice their subtraction skills while solving this yummy math mystery.
10 pages. Students enjoy the sweet treat of deciding what shape the peppermint candy should be as they trace the 6 options as well as the shape words.
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