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Here's a list of 60 interesting writing prompts to jumpstart your students' creative minds.

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Another way to emmerse students with new vocabulary, is by searching for words in a word find.  Here are 2 word searches for Martin Luther King Day (1 for lower el, as well as an upper el version).

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Ideas for the quotations: Make an overhead of the quotations; have students choose one or two to write about.  Through out the month of January, write one of MLK's inspirational quotes on the board.  As a Daily 5 activity, have students record the quote in their writing journals and comment on it. Have students design a poster around one of their favorite quotations, before you hang them on a bulletin board, have students carry their posters in a peaceful mock-march through the halls of your school, or on the playground.

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There is a ton of new vocabulary involved when learning about Martin Luther King.  To help build your students' vocabularies, select whatever words you'd like them to learn, (there's a list of 62) and have them add the words to their MLK Dictionary, where they write, define and use the word in a sentence.

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Challenge students to make as many words as they can, using the letters in Martin Luther King.  I purposely did not include Jr.

I've included a list of the 525 that I thought of.  While I was making my list, I thought how appropriate that many of these words could be directly associated with Dr. King's life, so I decided to have the extra assignment of having students highlight words that they thought were relevant to MLK.

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Help your students show what they've learned about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  by making a flip for facts booklet.  I've included a list of helpful MLK websites, as well as 95 Fast Facts about MLK, along with a page of Public Domain pictures if students would like to include a few.

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Print; laminate and trim.  Use them as independent centers, a border for your MLK Day activities, and games.  Make extra sets and cut them apart to make puzzles for even more centers and games. 

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I did a zillion hours of research, reading over 20 books and visiting over 40 websites, so you don't have to!  If you're looking for some simple and brief facts about Martin Luther King Jr. that you can share with your students, then I think you'll find these 95 interesting MLK fast facts helpful.

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Start out Martin Luther King Day by having one of 7 MLK bookmarks on your students' desks when they arrive. You could also use them as incentives and pass them out for accomplished tasks.  Challenge students to collect all 7 and then share them with their friends.

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This is a tried and true list of my favorite books to read for Martin Luther King Day.  I have a list specifically about the life and times of MLK, as well as a list of books I read to help my Y5's wrap their heads around the difficult concepts of discrimination, prejudice, civil rights, and diversity.

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