Martin Luther King

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If you're looking for something different for a Martin Luther King Day activity, this is it.  The "mpatapo" (em-pa-ta-poe) symbol means "knot of pacification/reconciliation".  It is a symbol of peacemaking.  Mpatapo is an African symbol known as adinkra, from the Asante tribe of Ghana.  I thought it was an appropriate representation of what Dr. King tried to do with his peaceful marches, sit-ins and speeches, as he sought nonviolent solutions for abolishing discrimination; so I featured it on this quick, easy and fun MLK Day craftivity.  

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Packet includes 3 heart-shaped Venn diagrams: 1 for Valentine's Day, another plain to compare and contrast whatever, plus a Venn Friend diagram to use for Martin Luther King Day or a back-to-school activity.

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This is a wonderful fine-motor craftivity for your kiddo's for MLK Day.  The results are simply lovely.  Cover the "Poetry Genre" standard by incorporating the Langston Hughes poem, and add a writing prompt of your own as well.

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For a quick and easy craftivity for MLK Day, have your students make this "I have a dream too!" dangler.  Turn it into a longer writing prompt for older kiddo's, by skipping the heart, and instead, have them record their writing prompt on the back.

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For an awesome, yet quick and easy MLK Day craftivity, have your students make this MLK Pinwheel Prompt

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Students have a choice of 5 different MLK Day stationery pages to write on.  For a wonderful January bulletin board, mount completed work on a variety of colors of construction paper.

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Here's a list of 60 interesting writing prompts to jumpstart your students' creative minds.

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Another way to emmerse students with new vocabulary, is by searching for words in a word find.  Here are 2 word searches for Martin Luther King Day (1 for lower el, as well as an upper el version).

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Ideas for the quotations: Make an overhead of the quotations; have students choose one or two to write about.  Through out the month of January, write one of MLK's inspirational quotes on the board.  As a Daily 5 activity, have students record the quote in their writing journals and comment on it. Have students design a poster around one of their favorite quotations, before you hang them on a bulletin board, have students carry their posters in a peaceful mock-march through the halls of your school, or on the playground.

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There is a ton of new vocabulary involved when learning about Martin Luther King.  To help build your students' vocabularies, select whatever words you'd like them to learn, (there's a list of 62) and have them add the words to their MLK Dictionary, where they write, define and use the word in a sentence.

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