4 pages

Reinforce number sense + addition with this simple snowman dice game.  Includes a template for numbers 1-6, as well as numbers 1-12, plus an incomplete snowman, so that students can create their own.

3 pages.

For some extra math fun on 100-Day, students use a highlighter to color in specific numbered boxes to reveal the hidden mystery picture. To make this a bit more difficult and involve even more math, have students solve addition and subtraction problems that will equal the numbers in the boxes.

5 pages.

Besides all of those math activities, add some word fun to your 100 Day celebration.  Using the letters in the words one hundred, challenge your students to list as many words as they can think of, before 100 seconds is up and the timer rings.  Who thought of the most words?  Who had the longest word? 

4 pages.

Review shapes, colors and graphing, while making a crown for 100 Day.
There is a black and white set, as well as a color set for teachers.  I've also included a blank 100, if you want your students to draw, dot or sticker 10 different items (10 times each) inside the numbers, to make their own creative crown.  

2 pages.

A less boring way to count to 100, is to have your students choose one of these Tally Ho sheets and make 100 tally marks.  When they are done, they can also skip count to 100 by 5's.

8 pages.

Seven 100 charts perfect for your 100-Day games & activities.  Includes a blank 100 grid for students to fill in, a filled-in 100 chart to make puzzles and "mystery" pictures, a chart, where the "skip count by 5's numbers" are in red, a 100 chart, where the "skip count by 10's numbers" are in blue, a traceable 100 chart, a "What's Missing?" fill in the even numbers 100 chart, as well as a "What's Missing?" fill in the odd numbers chart.

9 pages.

This is a wonderful fine-motor craftivity for your kiddo's for MLK Day.  The results are simply lovely.  Cover the "Poetry Genre" standard by incorporating the Langston Hughes poem, and add a writing prompt of your own as well.

6 pages.

For a quick and easy craftivity for MLK Day, have your students make this "I have a dream too!" dangler.  Turn it into a longer writing prompt for older kiddo's, by skipping the heart, and instead, have them record their writing prompt on the back.

10 pages.

For an awesome, yet quick and easy MLK Day craftivity, have your students make this MLK Pinwheel Prompt

6 pages.

Students have a choice of 5 different MLK Day stationery pages to write on.  For a wonderful January bulletin board, mount completed work on a variety of colors of construction paper.

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