19 pages 3 class books to make during the month of December. Includes 5 graphing extensions so you can incorporate math skills.

2 pages. A sparkling bulletin board for December that you can keep up through January. Great home-school connection. Get to know your students through this wonderful family writing prompt.

72 pages. A Monthly Newsletter Packet chock full of a little bit of everything that might go on during that month.

6 pages.

A fun-quick and easy bulletin board for January! Use it for a writing prompt for New Year's resolutions, things students like about winter or for Martin Luther King Day and what a student dreams to be when they grow up.

127 pages of activities your students will have "snow" much fun doing!
75 pages and a flurry of fun activities.
10 pages. 7 page booklet, + 1 page of writing and discussion extensions, + 1 page of color snowflake manipulatives for subtraction activities and a skill sheet.
9 pages. A sparkling way to review shapes.
6 pages. 11 page booklet, + 4 skill sheets, + 1 page of color snowflake manipulatives.
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