Common Core State Standards (Math)

1 page. Your students will have fun reinforcing their addition skills, as they roll the dice and compete against their classmates to see who can make equations that equal the sums on the Mayflower picture, and then be the first to color it.
7 pages. Common Core State Standard: 1.MD.3 Study analog and digital time with these election-themed games.
40 pages. Plug in some math activities as you study the election! This packet has a nice variety of counting,skip counting, addition, subtraction, greater and less than, and even some online research activities directly related to the current election.
6 pages. Common Core State Math Standard: 1.MD.3 Teach analog and digital time with these fun pumpkin activities.
8 pages. Common Core State Math Standards: K.G.2, 1.G.3 Students will enjoy reviewing shapes as they learn the life cycle of a pumpkin.
9 pages. Common Core State Standard: K.OA.5 Students solve simple addition problems by cutting and gluing the puzzle pieces answers to the appropriate equation.
47 pages. This packet has a little bit of this and that. Use the math mats to sort odd & even numbers, do addition & subtraction activities, show greater and less than groups & sets of numbers etc.

17 pages. A "craftivity" and game to help reinforce fact families.

20 pages. Common Core State Standard: RF:K1d and L.1.1a Your students will enjoy tracing these cards and making Itty Bitty booklets to take home and share with their family. Make extra copies to play a games with.
16 pages. Addition portion of Common Core State Math Standard 1.OA.8 Fun activities to help you teach "doublers" to your students.
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