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Estimation: Guesstimation

4pages. An interesting way to have students examine the importance of recycling, and see what even they, as a little person, can do, is to take a look at what their family throws out.

2 pages. A poster for your estimation center + a certificate of praise.

43 pages. Some unique activities to help celebrate 100 Day in a big way!

33 pages. Common Core State Standard: RF.K.2d Includes all sorts of math extensions, including estimation and pattern mats + CVC word candy hearts!

51 pages. Common Core State Math Standard 1.NBT.3 What a fun way to practice a variety of math skills: addition, subtraction, graphing, greater & less than, patterning, measurement, estimation and more.
14 pages. A fun way to help students with number sense and be able to increase their ability to guess how many.
9 pages. A fun and interesting way to help your students with number sense and guessing how many objects.





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