Easy Reader Booklet: My Trick Or Treat Booklet


16 pages.
Common Core State Standards:
RF.K1a, RF.K1c, RF.K3c, L.K2, L.K2b

Students read, trace and write the sentence.

  • One of the sight words is selected for the student to color then trace the letters on the rectangular cards and finally cut and glue the letters to the correct booklet page, spelling the word as they go. (Many of the words used in this booklet are from the Dolch word lists.)
  • You can choose to run these pages off separately and do them as a skill sheet for "Word Work" for a Daily 5 activity one per day, or make them into a reading booklet that can be worked on daily or assembled later. 
  • If you don't want to take the time to have this as a cut & glue activity, simply have your students write the letters in the boxes below their work on the appropriate pages and use the cut and glue pages for some other activity.
  • I've also included a page of manipulatives for you to laminate and use Velcro or magnet strip so that the booklet can become an interactive read aloud that you can sequence.
  • To incorporate math you can tally your students' favorite Halloween candy and graph the results.
  • Color the spaces or put your students' names on the bar graph provided.
  • There's also a check list - praise certificate included when they can read the booklet independently.
  • Traceable flashcards for 5 challenge words, not included in your normal sight word list are also provided. 


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