11 pages. Comparison and contrast is an important concept for children to understand. An easy way for them to visualize this and get their thoughts organized is through a Venn diagram.

1 page. A sweet poster for any month, but especially appropriate to show those pearly whites during February's Dental Hygiene Month.

7 pages. Common Core State Standards: K.CC.1, 1.NBT.1 This is not just for 100-Day. I've included 4 different center suns so that you can simply use this as a counting to 100 or 120 activity.

3 pages. Comparison and contrast is an important writing skill to master. This packet makes a nice introduction to that concept. Students can choose to compare Washington or Kennedy to Lincoln. Includes Venn diagrams.
3 pages. You can print these off as a simple note to your students, or use the large one as a poster, or have students cut and glue the presidents to a blue sheet of construction paper, trim and then glue on a red strip to make a crown.

2 pages. The tooth tags can be filled in with names, letters, numbers, words, equations, etc. Also includes a sweet note for your students for Dental Hygiene month. Cut 2 slits and insert a pencil.

5 pages. Common Core State Standards: K.CC.1 A fun "craftivity" to help your students review skip counting by 10's or 5's. (The logs are numbered.) Sticking a penny inside the door, so that Lincoln can greet you when you open it, is a nice finishing

9 pages. 5 different sample valentines using the periodic chart to make words. Use my templates or challenge students to think up their own.

Common Core State Standard: 1.MD.3 Time to the hour and half hour pocket chart cards.

5 pages. These lovely waxed-winged butterflies are perfect for a sweet Valentine window display or bulleti board, or can be done as a center for your butterfly unit.
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