Presidents Lincoln and Washington

3 pages. This is a great center activity for President's Day.

4 pages. A fun way for students to review the various facts about the penny, nickel, dime and quarter + a great way to whole-group assess.

5 pages. Make a Washington or Lincoln hat as a fun center activity for President's Day.

12 pages. A little bit of this and that for tabletop activities for President's Day + a crafty bookmark gift you can make your students or use as a center activity.
4 pages. Great mini-research/computer lesson for students. Children find at least 3 facts about a US president and write them on their page. Students glue their school pix along with a picture of their President and share with their classmates. Teacher
6 pages. Fun writing extension for President's Week. Students glue their school photo in the box, write what they'd do and then illustrate their page. Teachers collate the pages and make a class book.
5 pages. Each student decides whether they like Washington or Lincoln the best and why. They glue their school photo inside the box, write and illustrate their page. Teachers collate the pages to make a class book to read and share with the class.
12 pages. A quick and interesting way to learn some interesting facts about Washington and Lincoln. A great compare and contrast booklet. Use all of the pages for older students, or take out a few for younger students, or simply make one for yourself to

7 pages. These poster poems will help your students learn to identify coins. They make a nice bulletin board too.

2 pages. A great way to review the concept of small medium and large. Students will find it easier to identify coins if they can look at them as a whole group and identify similarities and differences. This activity will help them do that.

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