9 pages. Look out the cavity creeps are coming! What shapes are they disguised as?
6 pages. A make-me-class booklet that will have your students smiling and being part of the grIN crowd!
11 pages. Polish up those counting skills with this favorite song. Review addition and subtraction by singing the song.
9 pages. Review this science unit with this adorable cut and paste reading activity.

7 pages. Students will "fall" into learning when they practice writing equations and doing subtraction as they have fun solving the math mystery!

93 pages of easy arts and crafts your students will find simply "pumpkin-licious"!
101 pages of lessons you will go "batty" over!
3 pages A wonderful counting keepsake! Children write the number then press their finger into a stamp pad and make a group/set of that many fingerprint "seeds".
96 pages of "apple-icious" activities for your students to bite into!
92 pages of fun and easy apple art your students will take delight in doing!
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