4 pages.

Review the 5 senses with this cute pumpkin "craftivity."  Students cut out the words and label Sam.

3 pages.

Increase your students' writing skills with this quick and easy pumpkin "craftivity" that reinforces the use of adjectives, as well as involving the 5 senses.  If you like this activity, be sure and check out the matching apple one.

7 pages.

The life cycle of an apple dangler, is quite lovely when completed. Younger children can make this as a flat project, older students can add extra pizzazz, by making it 3D.  To do that, simply glue 2 treetops and 2 tree trunks together on the fold.  The 3D apple is made up of a red, yellow and green apple.  The blossom is a coffee filter, with the edges colored by a pink marker.

14 pages.

There are 3 Life Cycle of an Apple craftivities in this packet + 2 different apple life cycle templates to choose from.  Children can color, cut and glue their life cycle to an apple, apple tree, or apple pie plate, or use the photographs instead of the coloring clip art.

This packet will be FREE for an entire year, after which time it will be up-dated and rolled into my 33-page Life Cycle of an Apple Activities packet in my TpT shop.

5 pages.

Increase your students' writing skills with this quick and easy apple "craftivity" that reinforces the use of adjectives, at the same time learning about the 5 senses.  This activity will be free for an entire YEAR, after which time, it will be up-dated & become part of my Apple Sense Science & Writing Packet.

4 pages.

A quick, easy and fun way to teach the parts of an apple. Run the apple cover off on red, yellow and green construction paper and give students a choice. Older children can label their apple by writing on the lines, younger students can cut and glue the word-labels.

10 pages. Common Core State Standards:1.MD.4,K.MD.3 A glyph is a wonderful way to see if students are listening and following directions. They are also a fun way to collect and analyze data.

5 pages. Print off the tin cans, have your students glue their photo on the lid and then onto your class poster. Hang in the hall to wish everyone a "Happy Earth Day!"

4pages. An interesting way to have students examine the importance of recycling, and see what even they, as a little person, can do, is to take a look at what their family throws out.

1 page. A quick and easy writing prompt "craftivity" for Earth Day.

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