11 pages. A wonderful way to help your students practice their alphabet skills. Children trace the upper and lowercase letters, find a word that begins with that letter as they become ABCDe-tectives.

2 pages. These two alphabet posters can be used as a friendly assessment for: Common Core State Standard RI.K1d and L.1.1a Simply have students point to the upper and lowercase letter that you ask for. Circle the ones they get incorrect & jot down what letter they said it was. This FREEBIE is part of my big Paperclip Pals Alphabet Packet on TpT.

2 pages. A fun way to review vowel sounds. Students put together these simple 2-piece puzzles of a word that has that vowel sound in it. Print off, laminate and cut out.
27 pages. Print off a copy to read to your students, or run off separate copies for them to make into a big book to take home and share with their families. These also make great anchor charts for the Letter of the Day, adjectives and alliteration.
11 pages. Print off a color copy and use as a story to review with your class or make individual copies for students to read and take home to share with their families. These also make terrific anchor charts.
67 pages. Your students will enjoy reviewing silent e words by playing Magic e Bingo. Includes 30 different cards (a class set) for each of the 4 different game-sets using 102 "magic e" words + 2 certificates of praise.
22 pages. Help your students learn about the "magic" or "silent" e at the end of many of their words with these cute anchor chart-poems and traceable word cards and activities.
14 pages. Common Core State Standard: RF.K.2d Your students will enjoy putting shamrocks together to make CVC words beginning with the letter L for leprechaun!
10 pages. A wonderful game for March, that will help reinforce letters, numbers and shapes, including 3-D ones. Print off the cards, laminate, cut out and toss into a leprechaun hat. Children sing the song and pass the hat each taking a card and revea
31 pages. Includes traceable ABC posters that can be turned into a "My ABC Booklet" + an ABC sound song.
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