ABC Placemat Anchor Chart and Assessment Tool


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These two alphabet posters can be used as a friendly assessment tool for: Common Core State Standard RI.K1d and L.1.1a

Simply have students point to the upper and lowercase letter that you ask for.  Circle the ones they get incorrect & jot down what letter they said it was. Put student's name and the date at the top. This also works well as a quick, easy and fun way to whole-group assess as well.  Play "I Spy a Letter".   Call out a letter.  Students place a paperclip over the picture then raise their hand. You can see at a glance who is having difficulty.

As a lesson, students will enjoy coloring this place mat as the pictures are small. After they complete their picture, sing the ABC song and have them point to the letters as you sing. 

paperclip alphabet pals alphabet activitiesFor another activity, have students circle all of the vowels or match letter tiles for a fun one-to-one correspondence activity. Hang up your own copy as an anchor chart.

This FREEBIE is part of my big Paperclip Pals Alphabet Packet on TpT.  For your convenience, I've enclosed a preview.


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