Addition and Subtraction

47 pages. This packet has a little bit of this and that. Use the math mats to sort odd & even numbers, do addition & subtraction activities, show greater and less than groups & sets of numbers etc.

17 pages. A "craftivity" and game to help reinforce fact families.

16 pages. Addition portion of Common Core State Math Standard 1.OA.8 Fun activities to help you teach "doublers" to your students.
1 page. A fun and encouraging poster to put up when you begin teaching addition.
2 pages Helpful anchor charts that will show your students at a glance the various vocabulary words that go with these math terms.
29 pages. A hands-on fun way to study fact families. Give students another way to grasp the concept of fact families and let them manipulate dominoes.
57 pages. A wonderful and fun way to motivate students to want to learn about and practice fact families!

18 pages. A "craftivity" and game to help reinforce fact families.

20 pages. Common Core State Math Standard 1.NBT.3 An assortment of flashcards to use to play games, helping to learn a variety of math skills including identifying numbers 1-6, + skip counting by 2's, 3's, and 5's and >
6 pages. This is a companion game to the addition and subtraction games. Students can play independently or with a partner. Children roll the dice, find the equation on their paper, rewrite the equation, and show that equation by moving the manipulative
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