127 pages of fun-filled lessons your students will "fall" for! Plus 7 art activities that help reinforce my Y5 report card standards.

8 pages. A colorful way for children to review spatial directions, + listening and following directions.

7 pages. Students will "fall" into learning when they practice writing equations and doing subtraction as they have fun solving the math mystery!

8 pages. Students will fall into learning as they review shapes in this adorable autumn booklet.

11 pages. Enjoy counting, sequencing, addition and even subtraction (if you sing the song in reverse) using this favorite tune to compile an adorable booklet.

9 pages. Children will enjoy practicing spatial directions while increasing finger dexterity cutting and pasting their acorns.
7 pages. Your students will go nuts over these fun subtraction equations as they try and solve the math mystery.
7 pages. Enjoy reviewing a heart, circle, oval, triangle, rectangle, and square shape with this cute acorn booklet.
11 pages. Reinforce number recognition, counting and sequencing using this favorite tune.
80 pages of activities your Pre-K - 1st grade students will go nuts over!
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