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A sampling of 127 pages of fun-filled lessons your students will "fall" for! Plus 7 art activities that help reinforce my Y5 report card standards.

These leaf-themed skill sheets cover subjects such as math, reading and writing and are based on a variety of report card standards such as: identifying and writing numbers and letters, small-medium & large, sorting, shapes, matching, word recognition, greater and less than, patterning, groups and sets, graphing, counting in a variety of ways, punctuation, ordinal numbers, name recognition etc

Every unit offered at TeachWithMe.com follows the same format so that students become familiar with the skill sheets and can concentrate on learning and practicing the skill rather than be frustrated with "what do I do?" Because of student confidence, teachers are free from answering endless questions and wasting time explaining directions.

The Units are designed so there are plenty of lessons for you to choose something that fits your students' level. The beauty of the variety is that you have easier skill sheets for those who are struggling and more difficult ones for children who have mastered a concept.

Everyday I staple as many as 6 - 10 skill sheets together to make Table Top workbooks for my Y5 students to do in the morning before they transition to centers. The variety of the themes keeps things exciting and fun.  Many of the skill sheets also serve as centers like: patterning pages, pinch & pokes, snip & cuts, bingo dot a pattern pages, stamp a group or set of something sheets, as well as game pages that involve rolling a dice.

All units come with a certificate of praise, suggested reading bibliography, a page of writing prompts, skill-building fun sheets like mazes, connect the dots and word finds + a quickie art project called a "slider" where students review numbers, letters and shapes.

These units are extremely helpful for substitutes, assessments, portfolios, extra help to send home for parents to work with a struggling child, something for children to do when they've completed other lessons, & a great plug-in on assessment days.

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