Classroom Management

17 pages. An easy and fun way to build your students' self-esteem. This makes a wonderful keepsake at the end of the year too! Great behavior modification tool as well.

4 pages. Cute reading posters to use as gentle reminders.
2 pages. Laminate and then write in your daily activities. Keep this on your white board. Check off the activities as you go, so little ones have a concept of time. I've included extra books so you can add more activities to your day, like library, ar
1 page. Print off this template, laminate it, and then write in your classroom rules, or type them up in a square, and then glue them to the center and laminate!

1 page. A nice encouraging reminder poster for your students.

1 page. With all the social media having a huge impact on children, a direct affect on students' actions, with often detrimental results, simply because they haven't really thought of the consequences of "gossiping", this is an excellent reminder to enco

1 page. This matches the filmstrip packet stuff and is a nice give away when students are meeting their AR goals or you just want to leave a surprise in or on their desks.
26 pages. Capitalize on the popularity of this saying with students, with this cute "School Rocks" packet to get them excited and motivated about school.

3 pages. 2 anchor charts that are a pleasant way to remind your students to be quiet. Includes a Zip Your Lips song to the tune of This Is The Way We...

4 pages. Common Core Assessment tool for RF.K1d and L.1.1a A research study from the University of Washington found that children who could recall and print letters of the alphabet (upper and lowercase) at 40 letters per minute were all very successfu
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