Discipline & Behavior Modification

10 pages.

Make a classroom elf of your own, or use this as an individual behavior modification technique and have each child make one.  The body is made out of a decorative lunch bag. Children add tally marks for staying focused, completing tasks, behaving etc.

1 page.

A "makes your think" poster that can be used as a writing prompt. "Is this advice true? Good? Why or why not? How can changing places with someone help you understand them better?" This is a great poster if you're doing the "Fill A Bucket" program.

2 pages.

Two posters to alleviate interruptions while you teach.  If a child signals by displaying the appropriate number of fingers, you can tell at a glance what they want.  You also don't have to say a word. Simply make eye contact and nod yes or no.

1 page. A sweet reminder. You could also use the poster as a writing prompt asking students what they think the poster means and explain why it's important to put on their thinking cap.
1 page. Something to think about.
1 page. Besides inspiration, anchor charts, and reminders, I use posters as writing prompts.
3 pages. 3 raise your hand posters to choose from, for that finishing touch to your mustache activities.
1 page. A nice way to remind your students to make wise choices.
1 page. A sweet way to remind your students to get their work accomplished.

2 pages.

A nice reminder to students to take responsibility for their actions and get their work done to their best ability. This would make a nice jump-start to a writing prompt about the above.  "You get what you get, so don't get upset!" is a rhyme that I teach my students early on.  It helps alleviate "melt downs" when children don't get their desired choice or color preference. This poster too, is a gentle reminder.  You'll be surprised how your students will recite this, when someone is having a minor "meltdown".

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