Anchor Charts & Posters

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Two posters to alleviate interruptions while you teach.  If a child signals by displaying the appropriate number of fingers, you can tell at a glance what they want.  You also don't have to say a word. Simply make eye contact and nod yes or no.

1 page.

A sweet poster to help remind students that winning isn't everything. Simply participating and following through are extremely valuable life lessons.

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A nice reminder to students that taking risks and making mistakes is the way that we learn.


1 page. Print, laminate, cut out and hang on your doorknob when your students are testing.
1 page. A sweet reminder. You could also use the poster as a writing prompt asking students what they think the poster means and explain why it's important to put on their thinking cap.
1 page. Something to think about.
1 page. Good advice. Clip art by Laura Strickland.
1 page. Well said. Turn this into a writing prompt and ask if your students agree or disagree, explain why, and then give examples.
1 page. Something to think about. Makes for an interesting writing prompt. Clip art by Laura Strickland.
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