Anchor Charts & Posters

1 page. A good advice poster. Clip art by Laura Strickland.
1 page. Besides inspiration, anchor charts, and reminders, I use posters as writing prompts.
1 page. This poster makes a nice writing prompt. Clip art by Laura Strickland.
1 page. A poster to give you something to think about! Clip art by Laura Strickland

13 pages. Common Core State Standards:K.CC.3, K.CC.4a, K.CC.4b, K.CC.4c, K.CC.5 (To 10) Use the pages in a workbook, as anchor charts, flashcards, worksheets, centers, or games.

25 pages. This packet includes cards (1-20) that are completed and great to use for games, anchor chart borders and flashcards, + a set for students to fill in with dry erase markers or run off as worksheets.

1 page. Something positive to think about.
1 page. A smile for your day. Print off and give to a fellow teacher. Desk clip art by Laura Strickland.
1 page. Hang up by your desk as a mood lifter, or give to another teacher for Teacher Appreciation week.
1 page. A thought provoking poster. Use it as a writing prompt. Do students agree or disagree? Can they think of examples?
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