12 pages. A quick and interesting way to learn some interesting facts about Washington and Lincoln. A great compare and contrast booklet. Use all of the pages for older students, or take out a few for younger students, or simply make one for yourself to
4 pages. Reward your students after they pass their assessments by giving them a certificate. Jazz them up with a sticker or two. Since being able to point to a coin to identify it and being able to point to a coin and name it are two different standard

7 pages. These poster poems will help your students learn to identify coins. They make a nice bulletin board too.

2 pages. A great way to review the concept of small medium and large. Students will find it easier to identify coins if they can look at them as a whole group and identify similarities and differences. This activity will help them do that.

15 pages. Make these easy and inexpensive valentine gifts for your students out of broken crayons and follow it up with a valentine crayon rub - center activity, that's perfect for party day!
5 pages. A wonderful surprise for your students on party day. This is a quick, easy and inexpensive valentine for you to make your kiddo's that has a great "Wow" factor.
5 pages. A quick and easy valentine that's a nice center for Valentine's Day.

12 pages. Common Core State Standard RF:K1d and L.1.1a Students mend the broken hearts by matching the uppercase letters with the lowercase ones. This is a great way to choose a partner for a game or lesson as well. Play "I Have-Who Has? or Memory

43 pages. Some unique activities to help celebrate 100 Day in a big way!

12 pages. Common Core State Standards: RF.K.3c, RF.1.3c What a fun way to review your word list! Print them off and laminate. Put them up on your word wall for February. Make memory match games out of them. Students can make their own Itty Bitty book
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