Valentines and Heart Theme

11 pages.

Here are 10 Valentine bookmarks that you can use as incentives.  Challenge your students to try and collect all 10 bookmarks throughout valentine's week for finishing various tasks, or use them as prizes on party day.

8 pages.

Print; laminate and trim then use them in your pocket chart as a whole group activity.  Choose a student, to use a dry erase marker to fix a card.  They circle the letters that should be capitalized and add end punctuation.

5 pages.

Here's a list of 100 of my all-time favorite books about love, hugs, kisses and Valentine's Day.  It's my favorite holiday, and one of my largest themed collections.

3 pages. Common Core State Standard: 1.MD.3

Review time to the hour with this Candy Heart Clock game.  Students take turns spinning; whatever number they land on, is the heart that they color on their recording sheet.  Students also write down that digital time, and then cover the heart with a candy one.  The first one to complete their candy clock is the winner.

5 pages.

Packet includes 3 heart-shaped Venn diagrams: 1 for Valentine's Day, another plain to compare and contrast whatever, plus a Venn Friend diagram to use for Martin Luther King Day or a back-to-school activity.

21 pages.

Make writing a bit more fun with these 3D hearts, featuring three different writing prompts.  Packet includes 15 writing prompts and heart pattern + sample photographs. 

14 pages.

Now that students have experienced most of the major holidays, have them choose a Venn diagram that compares Valentine's Day with another holiday.   There are 12 different Venn holiday diagrams in the packet, plus a blank one for them to fill in. 

25 pages.

Help your students learn to count to 10, count backwards from 10 to 1; and skip count by 10's to 100, with these puzzles.  Students can also make flip books, or cut and glue the pieces on a sheet of colored paper, leaving a space inbetween for an interesting piece of art.

14 pages. Common Core State Standard: 1.MD.3

Use these as flashcards, pocket cards or for a February bulletin board.  Make extra sets so that students can play Memory Match or "I Have; Who Has?" games.  Cut them up to make puzzles and to play even more games.

4 pages.

Increase vocabulary and practice spelling with 240 words associated with love and Valentine's Day. Includes an alphabetical list + 2 covers, so students can make a Valentine Dictionary. This makes an interesting and relevant Daily 5 word work activity. 

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