9 pages. Common Core State Standard::RF.1.1 Students will enjoy looking for 18 gingerbread cards that are missing a capital letter and end punctuation.

3 pages. Glyphs are a wonderful way to whole group assess listening and following directions. Completed projects make sweet bulletin boards.

39 pages. Your students will enjoy making and wearing these 30 masks to help make story time come alive. Act out poems, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, counting parts of a story, and special holidays.

37 pages. An excellent collection of 3 and 4-column graphic organizers, for every season and a variety of themes.
12 pages. Help students improve their writing by encouraging them to use all of their senses. These sensory word-a-month posters will help them practice that skill. Includes a poster for each month of the year.
7 pages. A fun writing extension after the reading of The Gingerbread Man story. Students complete the writing prompt and draw a picture to illustrate their page. Also includes two graphing extensions.
12 pages. Quick, easy and fun bulletin board ideas for December that also make great keepsakes! Patterns, pictures and directions included!

36 pages. Wonderful ideas and activities to help modify a student's/child's behavior during December.

73 pages. Do you need some ideas to help fill in your December units? This book has a little bit of everything in it just in time for the holidays.

124 pages. Wow! This is a wonderfully fun way to teach geography.  Includes lots of geography related activities, passport, crafts, links, notes home for parental help, maps, writing extensions, class books and so much more. Up-dated with pages for older students.

This packet is in the process of being revamped.  Please check back November 22nd.

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