Blends, Digraphs, Phonemes

9 pages. 3, 4, and 5 box Elkonin box templates with directions of how to introduce children to the concept of using them, as well as a variety of fun things to do with them. Common Core State Standard: RF.K2b

5 pages. Packet includes: 19 Dolch nouns with Elkonin boxes for breakdown, with matching pictures, and a template for students to try their own. Common Core State Standard: RF.K2b
7 pages. Helpful tips and charts for phonograms (phonemes).
7 pages. Help students understand the -eep & -eap endings easily, with this "hands on" Sheep Slider. Also includes a sheep rhyming-word skill sheet, where students trace and write the words in alphabetical order, plus traceable rhyming word cards with a

16 pages. A hands-on way for students to learn the sh blend. 56 words that have either a beginning or ending sh sound. Choose which strips you want to work on. Includes 56 traceable word cards, a cover to turn them into an Itty Bitty booklet, tips of wha

16 pages. A fun way to help students learn blends. Includes a game board,42 word + blend shamrocks, 24 shamrocks with just a blend on them, a blank sheet of shamrocks to make your own templates, + 2 certificates of praise.
17 pages A helpful list and anchor charts of blends and phonemes. Includes traceable flashcards.
136 pages! This book has a little bit of everything to help turn on the light bulb and make learning the alphabet and beginning reading skills fun!

20 pages. 50 word templates + 3,4,5 box blank templates for you to use in a variety of ways. Common Core State Standard: RF.K2b

17 pages. A helpful checklist of consonant blends, digraphs and long and short vowel words.
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