Dr. Seuss's Cat in the Hat Game


 34 pages.

Review all sorts of standards with this quick, easy and fun Seuss-themed Cat in the Hat game.  Print, laminate and trim the "food" cards.  These are mini cards that include upper and lowercase letters, numbers from 0-120, 11 number word cards,  twelve 2D shape cards, twelve 3D shape cards, 35 contraction cards, 20 at family cards, and 11 color word cards.

Pass them out to your students then call for a card.  The child holding that card shows it, shares what it is, everyone repeats that, then they "feed" the Cat in the Hat by tossing their card in the container.

 There's also a set of blank tiles for you to fill in with whatever else you want to review or practice.  Besides "feeding" the Cat in the Hat, make extra sets of the cards to play all sorts of games.  I've included tip lists suggesting more activities, plus the "Kaboom!" game.

There's a set of math symbols as well, so you can use the number cards for other math activities, like making up equations & solving them, plus showing greater and less than. 

Students can also sort the number cards into odd and even piles and sequence them. Play Memory Match or "I Have; Who Has?" games with the number word cards and their matching number cards.  These games also work for the shape and color word cards.


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