After reading Dr. Seuss' (Theo. Lesieg) Ten Apples Up On Top , have students write their name on red, green and yellow apples and then glue them in an ABCABC pattern, on top of their head shot.

3 pages.

Quick, easy and inexpensive treat for your kiddo's on their 1st day of school.  Matching back to school bulletin board template too. To add pizzazz to the board, surround it with flashing twinkle lights or rope lighting.


2 pages.

Come grow AND "glow" with us.  A quick, easy & inexpensive little surprise for your kiddo's on the 1st day of school. You can buy Glow Bracelets (15 in a tube) at The Dollar store.

2 pages.

"Chews" to have the best year yet, and launch it with this quick and easy treat.

4 pages.

If you're decorating with an owl theme, or just love owls, I think you'll enjoy this classroom management tip.  Being "fair" and getting your turn, is extremely important to young children.  You may think you know that Kelli had a turn, but let's face it we all can't remember everything. By making these, there will be no arguments.  The proof is in the can.  Remind students NOT to play with the cans or take the sticks out.

10 pages.

Packet includes a fish-theme bulletin board and several back-to-school treats and treat bag ideas, with templates for preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade, plus a blank pattern to fill in with whatever.

23 pages.

Student-generated bulletin boards are a wonderful thing for the first week of school. "Rave on" is also a terrific icebreaker, and interesting way to get to know your students.

4 pages.

This is an easy icebreaker for the 1st week of school.

13 pages.

Nice activities for the 1st day of school. The "I'm bubbling with excitement that you are in my class." bookmarks, are a cute surprise left on students' desks.  Add a small bottle of bubbles as a gift, and you've made children feel especially welcome.  Allow children to blow bubbles at recess or take them out at the end of the day.  They can count how many bubbles they blew in 1 breath. Graph the results on the enclosed template.

1 page.

A nice reminder to students of the true value of real friends.  This poster makes a great writing prompt: What does the poster mean? Do you agree with the poster? Why or why not? Is this good advice?

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