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10 pages. Common Core State Standards: RF.K2a, RF.K2c, RF.K2e A fun way to review -ick and -eat words! Students make this "craftivity" and pull the letter sliders through the treat bag windows, to reveal humorous new ways to say "Trick or treat!"

7 pages. Common Core State Standards: RF.K1a, RF.K1c, RF.K3c, L.K2a, L.K2b Students read the simple sentences made up of 14 Dolch words and trace key words, as well as fill in the blanks with their opinions.
14 pages. Although there are Venn diagrams included in this packet for the 2012 election, there are also plenty of blank and neutral Venn diagrams,(14 total), so this packet will be able to be used for future elections.
39 pages. Common Core State Standards: RF.K1a, RF.K.1c, L.K2a, L.K2b All of these writing prompts have an election theme and are perfect for your November writing activities. Once completed, they make wonderful November bulletin boards and hallwa
8 pages. A patriotic header card for your Word Wall with 61 red and blue election word cards to help increase vocabulary. This goes perfectly with the Election Dictionary.
12 pages. Common Core State Standards: RF.K1d, L.1.1a, L.1.4a, L.1.5b, L.1.5c, L.1.6 Students trace the alphabet letters and election words and then write them. Teachers can have older students define them as well.

19 pages. Vowel Owls are a fun, hands-on way to teach Common Core State Standards:RF.K3b, RF.K2a, RF.K2d, RF.K3c. Students sort the 570 CVC & Dolch word cards into the various long and short vowel owl cups.

11 pages. Common Core State Standards:L.K.2a, L.K.2b, L.K.2d, L.1.2b, L.1.2d, RF.k.1a, RF.K.1c, RF.1.1 Writing on a squirrel, oak leaf and acorn, students write a descriptive sentence using their 5 senses.

9 pages. 3, 4, and 5 box Elkonin box templates with directions of how to introduce children to the concept of using them, as well as a variety of fun things to do with them. Common Core State Standard: RF.K2b

5 pages. Packet includes: 19 Dolch nouns with Elkonin boxes for breakdown, with matching pictures, and a template for students to try their own. Common Core State Standard: RF.K2b
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