Common Core State Standards

4 pages. A delightful way to review parts of speech: nouns, verbs and adjectives. Students roll dice to see which word they will use to fill in the blanks. Afterwards, challenge students to make up their own Fractured Tale using the same format.

8 pages. Common Core State Standards: RF.K1a, RF.K1c, RF.K1d, RF.K.3a, L.K1a, L.1.1a New Year-themed words from A to Z. A fun way to review the alphabet, as well as increase vocabulary.

6 pages. Help students learn to count to 10. A great way to help students recognize numbers and number words as well as reinforce tally marks + groups/sets of things.

27 pages. Common Core State Standards: L.K2a, L.K2b, RF.K3a, RF.K3d, RF.K3c, 1.G.2, K.G.2 Students will enjoy reviewing the various 2-D shapes as they appear on the snow angels.

19 pages. Common Core State Standards: RF.K1a, RF.K1c, RF.K3c, L.K2a, L.K2b This booklet will help your students identify winter clothing words and the order clothes should be put on to get ready to go outside.

33 pages. Common Core State Standard RI.K1d Use these gingerbread alphabet cards in a variety of ways! Includes directions of what else you can do with the cards, a blank set to program with whatever + kaboom bomb cards to play additional games wi

4 pages. Common Core State Standard: RL.K.9  Venn diagrams are a wonderful way to help students compare and contrast a variety of things in and interesting and fun way.

9 pages. Common Core State Standard::RF.1.1 Students will enjoy looking for 18 gingerbread cards that are missing a capital letter and end punctuation.

20 pages. Common Core State Standard RI.K1d Includes Upper and lowercase letters together, + separate uppercase letters and separate lowercase letters, so you can play Memory Match games as well as "I Have;Who Has?" games. Includes a tip list of what

22 pages. Common Core State Standards:RF.K1d, L.1.1a A very versatile packet that helps reinforce upper and lowercase letter recognition in a fun way.
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