13 pages. Little children LOVE making LITTLE books! What a fun way to learn about colors.
12 pages. Students will have fun learning about colors with this adorable rhyming story.
19 pages. This is one of my most helpful classroom tools. You can read, save, or print this.

1 page. I make this game for my students at the beginning of the 1st week of school to reinforce name recognition. Later, you can program word wall words and put them in separate Snack Baggies, or simply write complete sets of the alphabet and have students arrange them, to make up words, or practice their spelling words in a fun way.

6 pages. I make these fold-out fans with my students and use them for all sorts of skill-building activities, like learning how to count, identify and write numbers, upper and lowercase letters, their name, as well as identify shapes or even colors.
8 pages. Clouds come in many shapes and sizes, but here are some with shapes ON them!
9 pages. Students will enjoy solving this mitten mystery while they work on colors, spatial directions, cutting and gluing, and listening and following directions.
67 pages. September through December monthly word manipulatives. Review spatial directions, numbers, and colors with these themed pieces.

12 pages. A lovely way to teach about colors during this splendid season.

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Cover 2 vowels go walking

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