7 pages. Students trace the color and number words, then color the fruit the appropriate color. Includes 1 graphing extension.
13 pages. Students trace and write the color word and number,then color that many baseball caps, until they get to 9 brown bats and 10 white balls. Includes 3 graphing extensions.
14 pages. An easy reader that reviews color words and the life cycle of a butterfly. Includes a graphing extension + color word flashcards and butterfly-caterpillar color cards.
9 pages. An easy reader that's a fun way to review colors and color words. Students trace and then write the color word coloring the jellybean the appropriate color.
7 pages. Review ordinal numbers as well as the colors of the rainbow with this easy reader that is perfect for March Is Reading Month. Students trace and write the ordinal number and the color words, then cut and glue the matching picture.
9 pages. A fun "craftivity" that's a great fine motor skill,involving students with the spiral shape. Makes a great hallway decoration or March bulletin board.

10 pages. Your students will enjoy this hands-on activity that's a fun and easy way to whole-group assess patterning. Includes several art craftivities as well.

12 pages. An interesting and fun way for students to review colors and adjectives and how they relate to, and describe feelings.

17 pages. A whimsical way to review colors and color words. Perfect for your March is Reading Month celebration, Dr. Seuss' birthday, or a Cat In The Hat Day.

32 pages. Over 200 traceable word cards that help your students with skip counting and recognizing upper and lowercase letters. Children enjoy sharing these just-my-size booklets with their family, which reinforces the lessons that they learned at school
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