Booklet: My Little Color Books


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Little children LOVE making LITTLE books! What a fun way to learn about colors.

Not only do my Y5's enjoy these little books, but their parents have fun with them as well. I've set them up as a collage center, and also as a "take home" family connection. Parents have told me that they have enjoyed the quality time and have saved the little booklets as a keepsake.

Students TRACE the color words, and COLOR that color's picture with the appropriate colored crayon or marker. They then look for colored pictures in magazines to cut and collage on the mini page. They are then getting plenty of fine motor practice and strengthening their finger muscles several different ways, including cutting on the lines to make 4 separate pages, then sequencing them in correct order to make a "just-my-size" booklet. 

To practice verbal accuity they get to share their finished projects with their classmates. We say the colors in English, Spanish and also sign the colors in Sign Language.

To get a bit of graphing in, we also graph everyone's favorite color and the booklet they liked doing the best. We discuss what color was the easiest to find, and what was the most difficult and why they thought that.


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