Discipline & Behavior Modification

15 pages An easy and fun way to improve behavior and reinforce math skills.When you see students behaving appropriately (everyone completed their morning work) have a student choose a number from the jar. Another student traces that number on the 100's B

11 pages. Great way to control behavior at the same time build self-esteem.  These cards reinforce and work well with the "Fill a Bucket" program too.

16 pages. An easy and fun way to get your students to shine.
1 page A nice way to get your students ready to transition.
16 pages. A cute behavior modification technique with positive reinforcement support.

66 pages. This packet contains a wonderful assortment of cute behavior charts and notes, + self-esteem building and motivational ideas, to help modify behavior, while making your life easier and more organized.

21 pages 3 file folder games (Jungle Jaunt, Solar System Blast Off, & Dinosaur Destination)help even the most off-task student stay focused.
28 pages. A successful behavior modification idea that's easy for you to implement and fun for the student!
10 pages. Helpful tips for dealing with tattletales. Includes 3 posters.
27 pages. A wonderfully fun way to get students motivated to work as a team and promote great behavior.
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