Anchor Charts & Posters

1 page. Put this up as a mini-reminder anchor chart-poster. Because there's 3 on a page, you can also run them off and give them to students as a bookmark.
1 page. How many times have you thought this!

28 pages. Common Core State Standards:RF.K3c, L.K.2a, L.K.2b, L.1.2b, RF.1.1a Punctuation paddles are quick and easy to make and a super-fun way for students to learn about end punctuation. They also make a terrific whole-group assessment tool.

1 page. A great way to remind students to check their work before they hand it in. If you collect them all at once, you can have everyone sing it 5-minutes before their work is due.

11 pages. A fun and educational contest. Students either read 100 pages independently, &/or read 100 books as a class.

4 pages. Common Core State Standards: L.K.2b, L.1.2b A quick and easy 100 Day writing prompt your students will enjoy doing. The finished projects make an awesome 100 Day bulletin board.

1 page. A nice wake up call for some students.
1 page. A nice inspirational poster.
1 page. A thought provoking poster. Use this "wake up" poster as a writing prompt. Have students tell you if they agree or disagree and why.
1 page. A nice inspirational poster.
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