Certificates & Bookmarks

2 pages. A word art apple certificate for knowing uppercase and lowercase letters. A nice self-esteem builder to hand out when your students have mastered these report card standards.
29 pages. A hands-on fun way to study fact families. Give students another way to grasp the concept of fact families and let them manipulate dominoes.
3 pages. 2 adorable tooth certificates for who has lost the most teeth for the month. Perfect go-togethers for the tooth chart TWM 1053.
6 pages. Build a child's self-esteem with this adorable Peacock pal that keeps track of your students' progress as they master the various report card standards through out the year. What a beautiful bulletin board to show others what your students are
5 pages. Common Core State Standards assessment tool for RF.K1d and L.1.1a Quick and easy upper and lowercase letter assessment recording sheets and 2 certificates of praise.
2 pages. A quick home-school connection chart that's easy to fill out. Simply check the box, or write specifics next to the subject. One for boys and one for girls. This can be done by the teacher or by older students.

6 pages. These items match the Bullybuster booklet (TWM 1010) and Anti- Bullying posters (TWM 1011). This packet includes a contract, 2 badges, a bookmark and a certificate of praise.  This is a terrific packet to introduce the "Fill A Bucket" program if you do that in your classroom or school.

25 pages.

Cute certificates(Pre K4 through 3rd grade) with a blank one to fill in any other grade, to give your students at the end of the school year.

6 pages. A sweet certificate or card to make your students who are graduating from kindergarten or preschool. I've also included a "High Five" hand print idea.
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